We enable owners of promising mid-sized businesses to make their dreams a reality by offering them a proven process, in-depth experience, and strategic advice to create more value in their business.

We understand the pressures facing business owners

We have assisted many business owners in navigating growth issues and making difficult business and financial decisions.  Nothing makes us happier than to see a CEO smile because he or she feels like they have made the right call.

We have financial experience

Perimeter Advisors’ principals have backgrounds as investors in the middle market.  We know what elements make a company valuable to investors and how to talk with them in a way that will maximize leverage.

We clarify options

We know that there is nothing more valuable than clarity.  We help our clients evaluate their options, pick the right path to get to the goal, and start moving.

We are objective

We understand that our clients can sometimes be too close to their businesses to see what needs to be done.  We help them see their options from several different angels so they are easier to evaluate.  Our goal is to help each client move his/her company forward, whatever direction they choose.

Our only mandate is to provide sound, practical advice and counsel to you—the successful entrepreneur.