“I engaged Perimeter Advisors to assist me in analyzing growth opportunities for Corporate Technologies at a time when our business and market were changing rapidly.  Karin was both thoughtful and astute in helping me and my team understand the options—both organic and M&A—and weighing both potential and risk.  Her investor experience was a definite plus, both analytically and in terms of working with partners and capital providers.”

Harry Kasparian
President and CEO
Corporate Technologies, Inc.
Burlington, Massachusetts


“Karin worked closely with our Muir Omni Graphics team in the months leading up to the completion of our first Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) transaction.  She assisted our senior managers in implementing a number of key initiatives that set the stage for significant revenue and profitability growth in the years ahead.  Not only have her advice and counsel proven truly valuable, we also very much enjoyed working with her! She certainly became part of our team and was a resource freely used by all management.  Since our work with her company stock price has increased 19%.”

Andrew S. Muir
Muir Omni Graphics
Peoria, Illinois


”Karin sits on my advisory board and has been a critical component in driving our company’s demand management technology, DemandCaster, forward. She has a brilliant mind and a unique ability to frame challenges in a manner that promote actionable responses. We value her input deeply.”

Ara Surenian
Founder and President
Cadent Resources, Inc.
Prospect Heights, Illinois